Q: The north parking lot is under major construction. Where do I park?
A: Please park in the bus lane near the Elementary entrance or on Porter Street. We understand this is quite a hike. We are hoping for great weather so that the construction crew can move swiftly through the renovation project.

Q: What do I need to bring? Are face masks required?
A: Yes, face masks are required for all fitness center and pool members and staff. You will NOT need to wear your face mask during your workout, nor in the water. You will need to wear your face mask while in the locker rooms, pool deck, as you enter/exit the fitness center, and throughout the school facility as you go to and from the parking lot. Members should also plan to bring their own filled water bottle(s).

Q: Are water shoes required in the locker rooms and pool deck? What kind of shoes should I wear? 
A: Yes, the WEDC recommends that members wear water shoes while in the locker rooms, showers, and on the pool deck. We ask that you bring a clean, separate pair than what you wear in from outside. Good suggestions for water shoes may be Crocs, flip flops, or mesh water shoes (but almost anything would work if the shoe is designed to be able to get wet.) This is another layer of cleanliness protection for members.

Q: What steps are the Waterloo Fitness Center & Community Pool taking to keep members safe? 
A: The Waterloo Administration Team has referenced governing resources such as the CDC, WEDC for Fitness Facilities and WEDC for Aquatics , DHS, and the American Red Cross, (to name a few) to establish new guidelines to increase safety of members during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can be rest assured that additional cleaning measures are in place with EPS registered cleaning products to protect against COVID-19 transmission during your workouts with us. We also are going the extra step of requiring personal protective equipment (PPE) like face masks for all members and staff to help lower transmission risks. We also have placed social distancing markers on the floor along with hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility. For additional COVID-19 guidelines, please check out our Re-Opening Plan on our home page.

Q: I see that you are requiring online sign up for my workout time for both the Fitness Center and the Pool. How do I do this? 
A: The link will be posted very soon on our home page. Stay tuned!  Members will be able to see the upcoming 48 hours of available classes and time slots. This will allow a fair opportunity for other members to have a chance to register as well. Members will be allowed to register for 1 time slot per day. At this time, we will only be accepting 6 members per open hour in the Fitness Center and Community Pool each.

Q: How do I schedule my workout time if I don't have a smartphone/access to a computer?
A: Please contact the Pool & Fitness Center at 920-478-3511. We will manually enter you in the system.

Q: I see your posted hours. Will you be increasing these open hours? 
A. Unfortunately, we do not have a set date of when this will happen. The COVID-19 pandemic was not planned for; therefore, we are still working through all of the changes as we adapt to the 'new normal'. Our highest priority is to offer a clean, safe workout facility for you. We are accommodating our enhanced cleaning protocols during our closed hours of operation. Until we receive new guidelines to open without staff present, we will continue with these hours. Please know this is on our priority list. 

Q: My membership has been on hold. How & when are you activating it again?
A. All active memberships have been on hold since March 15th. All memberships will resume July 6th. For our annual memberships, we will add 16 weeks (the amount of time we were closed) onto the original expiration date of your membership. For our 3 month memberships, we extend your membership with the appropriate amount of time that is owed to you based on your original expiration date. If you have concerns or questions about this, please contact our Pool & Fitness Center Director at poolfitness@waterloo.k12.wi.us or call 920-478-3511.

Q: I have not had my ID badge picture taken yet. How do I schedule that? Are my young children required to get their pictures taken too if we have a Family Pool membership?
A: No worries! Please contact the Pool & Fitness Center Director to make an appointment to do so. We will try to coordinate this when you are in for your next visit. ID badges are required for all members, all ages. If your child is of school age, we will use the school picture that is on file in Skyward.

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